How much direction over the TRIP and IMAGES do we HAVE?

Together, we'll figure out a shot list and prioritize it to make sure that we understand your current marketing goals, campaigns and strategies. This gives us the ability to capture images you need once we're on the trip.

DO you shoot for other brands during our TRIP?

When we head out on Chasing Wild trips, we will have complementary brands on board. This keeps the overall costs lower for you. Don't worry, though—no other brands will compete with you. If you sell boots, for example, we won't bring anybody else who sells footwear. Since we only bring one brand per gear category, the early bird gets the worm. If you'd like to plan a trip exclusive to your brand, we're always open to that.

How much does it cost?

Cost is a function of four variables: length, location, content needs and how many items we pack for you. We can manage the variables to meet most budgets.

Do we get to come along?

In most cases, no. Fewer people means fewer dollars. However, certain trips call for specific talent to make them perfect for your brand. We'll be excited to explore those opportunities as they come.

Do we get to see updates during the trip?

Typically the only electronics on the trip are headlamps and the cameras, so it's not likely you'll see anything until were back at the office.

We're more of a service with no physical products.
How could we get in on this?

No problem. Whether you're a guide service, non-profit, lodge or otherwise, get in touch with us and we'll figure out how we can help bring your brand to life.

How long is each trip?

Each and every trip is different, so destinations and goals determine time spent out in the sticks—which could range from a couple of days to several weeks.

We've got a spot for you, can we suggest it?

We love to explore—if you have a place you think would be amazing for a trip, let us know!

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